Call with Indonesia on renewable energy

Joint call of NWO and RISTEKDIKTI

25 July 2019

NWO, through the Merian Fund, and the Indonesian Ministry for Research, Technology, and Higher Education (RISTEKDIKTI) have launched a joint call for proposals on Renewable Energy. Consortia of research institutes and other organisations (both public and private) can apply for funding of joint research projects before 17 September 2019. A compulsory Letter of Intent should be received before 3 September.

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Renewable energy is a topic that is of great societal importance to both The Netherlands and Indonesia, and where collaboration between Indonesian and Dutch researchers can create added value. This call in the Cooperation Indonesia-The Netherlands programme, from Dutch side under the Merian Fund,  aims to further stimulate high-quality joint, impact-oriented research between Dutch and Indonesian researchers. Research proposals should be aimed at the following themes:

  • Clean, low-carbon biofuels
  • Clean, low-carbon energy technology
  • Energy storage and conversion
  • Other ideas also worth exploring are e.g. buildings as power plants, vehicles as energy buffers and energy system optimisation

UPDATE: more information is available from the webinar on this call for proposals


The deadline for full proposals is 17 September.
The deadline for a compulsory Letter of Intent is 3 September.

About the Merian Fund

Within the Merian Fund, international cooperation with emerging science and developing countries plays an important role. The common thread is research that supports the worldwide achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Domains and institutes of NWO and of the Taskforce for Applied Research (NPRO-SIA) contribute from their own expertise, instruments and networks. WOTRO Science for Global Development is responsible for the implementation of the calls.

Source: NWO