Workshop researchprogramme ‘Photosynthesis’ on Friday 28 June

4 June 2019

NWO invites researchers and companies cordially to a workshop on Friday 28 June. Together they will develop one or more research ideas. Besides in Dutch, the workshop is expected to be partly in English.

Early April NWO put out a call for proposals regarding a public private partnership researchprogramme ‘Photosynthesis’. The aim is to enhance the efficiency by which plants use light to grow. From NWO’s programme budget 1.7 M€ is available to grant one research project provided it is of sufficient high quality. Beside NWO private partners will contribute as well. Some extra budget is available for employing ‘Enabling Technologies Hotels’.

During the first workshop interested parties discussed each other’s ideas. During the coming workshop they, together with new participants ánd their research ideas, can turn the most promising approaches into more concrete research plans:
Which research questions are the most interesting to address?
Which companies and research groups are willing to help?
Are we still missing certain companies or researchers from certain disciplines?
What option for public private partnership the consortium prefers?
How do we organise the consortium to submit a proposal before the 19 September deadline?

During this second workshop, the agenda is set by companies and researchers themselves. NWO facilitates the meeting and will be represented to answer questions and, upon request, provide background information.

With regard to lunch arrangements, we ask you to please register for this workshop no later than 21 June through

What: Workshop researchprogramme ‘Photosynthesis’
Where: BCN, Utrecht Central Station, Catharijnesingel 48, 3511 GC Utrecht
When: Friday 28 juni, from 10.00 till 17.00 hrs

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Source: NWO