Two calls have opened on Electrochemical Conversion and Materials

21 June 2019

At the ECCM conference on 21 June 2019 NWO has published two calls on Electrochemical Conversion and Materials ECCM. For the first call, which falls within the top sectors policy, 5.7 million euros is available; 3.8 million euros is available for the second call, as a thematic programme of the Dutch National Research Agenda. The ECCM research is an important contribution to the energy transition.

Niek Lopes Cardozo, chair of the NWO Domain Science Board and member of the NWO Executive Board, has opened the two calls during the National ECCM conference on 21 June. Both calls give a boost to energy storage and conversion. Together, these calls strengthen the knowledge base of ECCM and encourage both fundamental and applied research. The calls form a response to the recommendations of the National ECCM advisory committee in which the top sectors Chemistry, Energy and HTSM are represented. The NWO call is meant for the creation of tenure track positions and the NWA call focuses on consortium formation.

ECCM Tenure Track call

For this call, NWO has reserved 5.7 million euros within the KIC 2018-2019, the Knowledge and Innovation Contract in which NWO makes agreements about the top sector policy. Tata Steel, Shell and Nouryon are co-funding this call. The call covers the entire ECCM field from fundamental to more applied research. The to be acquired tenure track researchers can apply to start a new research group and to fund their own salary. Applicants must outline how they will satisfy the NWO Responsible Innovation approach, which aims to increase the societal impact of research. If a proposal is awarded funding, then the applicant must elaborate this in greater detail. NWO will facilitate the contact between applicants and Responsible Innovation experts by organising a matchmaking event, which will probably take place in the spring of 2020. A tenure-track candidate at a Dutch host institution can apply for about 950.000 euros. Embedding at the host institution will also be one of the assessment criteria.

ECCM thematic call Dutch National Research Agenda NWA

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science NWO finances since 2018 interdisciplinary research for the National Research Agenda, i.a. by thematic programming. One of the NWA thematic programmes has been dedicated to electrochemical conversion and materials.

3.8 Million euros is available for this call, co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The call will fund four projects with a budget of about 1 million euros each. The subject of the call covers the ECCM field from a single electrochemical cell to electrochemistry at industrial scale including system integration. The projects will have a maximum duration of five years, and budget can be applied for personnel, small investments and materials costs.

ECCM committee

The Advisory Committee for Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) advises the Dutch government on behalf of the top sectors HTSM, Energy and Chemistry, on what is needed to make the transition to a CO2-neutral industry based on intermittent sustainable energy generation, storage and conversion. The committee is building a true ECCM community of knowledge institutions, companies, governments and NGOs, for example by organising the conference. At the conference the committee brings together 4 components that strengthen the Dutch ECCM landscape. In the electrochemical laboratory in Petten called the Faraday lab ECN part of TNO develops the production of hydrogen by using PEM electrolysis. In Groningen the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology ISPT coordinates the realisation of the Hydrohub testcentre for the production of hydrogen. And NWO publishes these two new calls within the ECCM programme.

Source: NWO