Public engagement study of NWO AES funded projects

20 June 2019

As stated in the NWO strategic 2019-2022: more collaboration in the science system and more dialogue between science and society is required. In an international project, NWO Domain AES investigates the public involvement in its projects. Researchers recently received a request to participate in the study. NWO is collaborating with Leiden University on this. The results will be presented at the NWO Innovation Festival Teknowlogy on 9 November 2019.

Connecting Science and Society

Scientific activity affects all aspects of society. It is now crucial to further increase the representation of society in science and technology. Strengthening this relationship will not only be beneficial to society, but also has the potential of enriching scientific endeavours, introducing new perspectives and bring forth discussions about the benefits and risks of how science and technology affect public life. Additionally, public engagement (PE) with science and technology is necessary to empower citizens to make professional, personal and political choices, and that resources should be mobilised for public engagement.


As part of the an international project, NWO Domain AES is collaborating with Leiden University on studying the public engagement activities of AES funded projects. This study will support actions and policies to enhance public engagement activities of future NWO Domain AES funded projects. This survey is not an audit to rate or rank your project's performance, but an snapshot of the ongoing efforts.

Source: NWO