Pre-announcement new Logistics call 'Accelerator 2019' in collaboration with TKI Dinalog

5 June 2019

Together with TKI Dinalog, NWO is developing the new call 'Accelerator 2019'. This is the last call within the Knowledge and Innovation Contract 2018-2019 in the context of the research programme of the Top Sector Logistics, and it will respond to current, societal challenges faced by the logistics sector. NWO and TKI Dinalog expect to publish the call in mid-June.

Freight transport by ship in Rotterdam. Image: Shutterstock

Logistics as a driver of innovation

The Dutch logistics sector is large and plays a substantial role in Europe. Accordingly, it plays a key role in developing solutions for fundamental societal challenges, such as the fast and safe transport of foodstuffs, the development of the sharing economy and changes in the healthcare sector. Examples of innovation in this sector are the optimal use of different options for transportation, the intensive use of data and the efficient consolidation of transport streams and capacities.

Accelerator 2019

Just as in the previous Accelerator calls, researchers, partners in industry, government bodies and civil society organisations will collaborate in consortia. These consortia will investigate opportunities to contribute to an improved competitive position of existing companies and new commercial activities in the logistics sector. Accelerator 2019 will primarily focus on the following research areas: sustainable logistics, data-driven logistics, geopolitical developments and legislation.

Research programme Logistics

Accelerator 2019 is part of the research programme Logistics. The aim of this programme is to fund high-quality and innovative interdisciplinary research with an international orientation that ties in with the research priorities of the Top Sector Logistics.

Call for proposals expected mid-June

NWO intends to publish the call for proposals in mid-June 2019. Consortia consisting of researchers and private parties are invited to submit proposals. The total budget available for research is 2.5 million euros. Interested consortia should first submit a short expression of interest at the end of July.

More information

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Source: NWO