New Logistics call 'Accelerator 2019' in collaboration with TKI Dinalog

20 June 2019

Together with TKI Dinalog, NWO is developing the new call 'Accelerator 2019'. This is the last call within the Knowledge and Innovation Contract 2018-2019 in the context of the research programme of the Top Sector Logistics, and it will respond to current, societal challenges faced by the logistics sector.

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Logistics as a driver of innovation

The Dutch logistics sector is large and plays a substantial role in Europe. Accordingly, it plays a key role in developing solutions for fundamental societal challenges, such as the fast and safe transport of foodstuffs, the development of the sharing economy and changes in the healthcare sector. Examples of innovation in this sector are the optimal use of different options for transportation, the intensive use of data and the efficient consolidation of transport streams and capacities.

Accelerator 2019

Just as in the previous Accelerator calls, researchers, partners in industry, government bodies and civil society organisations will collaborate in consortia. These consortia will investigate opportunities to contribute to an improved competitive position of existing companies and new commercial activities in the logistics sector. Accelerator 2019 will primarily focus on the research priority themes of the Top Sector Logistics.

The programme focuses on specific research themes within the research priority themes of the Top Sector Logistics, namely sustainable logistics, data-driven logistics, geopolitical developments and legislation. For example, a project could focus on issues concerning the transition to a hydrogen economy. What are the contours of such an economy, in which the production, distribution, deployment and use of hydrogen are taken into account? Another example of a subject is the improvement of interactions between vehicles and the infrastructure to enable traffic from the Westland region of the Netherlands to flow better towards various market areas. Finally, there is also a need for knowledge about smarter legislation for innovative goods transport and logistics: how can we set up the legislative climate in such a way that it supports innovative solutions? By tackling these specific research terrains, the research within Accelerator 2019 will make a long-term contribution to the ambitions of the Top Sector Logistics.

Range of funding that can be requested from NWO
The minimum funding contribution that can be requested for research projects is 150,000 euros and the maximum funding contribution that can be requested for research projects is 400,000 euros.

Private and/or public partners in the consortium should jointly make a contribution to the research that is at least equivalent to the amount of the funding requested from NWO. This means that the minimum co-funding is 50% of the total project budget.
The total budget available for research is 2.6 million euros.

For this call it is mandatory to submit an Expression of Interest.

The deadline for the  Expression of Interest is Tuesday 30th of July 2019, at 14:00 hours CEST.
Full proposals must be submitted before Tuesday 1st of October 2019, at 14:00 hours CEST.

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