ENose and NanopLESStic in Holland Chemistry Student Competition final

4 June 2019

The student teams eNose and NanopLESStic are selected to carry out their proposed research project with a paid internship. ENose develops smart polymers for electronic sensors and NanopLESStic produces adsorption filters for nanoplastics. The highest performing team wins the competition. NWO will announce the winning team during chemistry congress CHAINS 2019.

NWO, together with Holland Chemistry, organizes the sixth edition of the Holland Chemistry Student Competition. With this competition, the organizers aim to offer an early career launch for students.

Teams from Master students and / or final-year HBO Bachelor students submitted their proposals for a short research internship in the Holland Chemistry Student Competition this spring. These proposals were based on a creative solution for a social or industrial challenge.

The selected teams are:

Team eNose
Polymer Brushes for Gas Sensing to Prevent Food Spoilage
Team members: Rens Horst (UT), Rick Cohen (Saxion)
Supervisors: dr. ir. Sissi de Beer (UT), dr. ir. Cas Damen (Saxion)
Supporting SME: LioniX

Prevention of food spoilage is an important step towards a sustainable society. With this aim in mind the team will develop polymeric sensing layers for application on electronic noses based on photonic chips. This will enable early detection of food rotting. The sensors can eventually be applied in warehouses, allowing reliable storage for crops.

Team NanopLESStic
Synthesis of a Nanoplastic Adsorption Filter
Team members: Ezra Bekkering (WUR), Dorien Westert (WUR), Laura Akkerman (WUR)
Supervisors: dr. Elinor Scott (WUR), dr. ir. Maarten Smulders, dr. ir. Louis de Smet (WUR)
Supporting SME: Royal Haskoning DHV, KWR en Wetsus

Concern about the presence of nanoscopically small plastics in our rivers and drinking water is growing. We propose to produce a filter for these so-called nanoplastics. We will make use of a porous, high surface carrier material, coated with special compounds (e.g. Nile Red derivatives) with the aim to enhance nanoplastic adsorption.

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Source: NWO