Cooperation with Brazil on healthy ageing

17 June 2019

Together with FAPESP, the research counsel from São Paulo (Brazil), ZonMw has initiated a new research programme under the Merian Fund. A first joint call for Healthy Ageing is aimed at learning more about the biological factors that cause every individual to age differently. The deadline for application is 3 September 2019. A letter of Intent must be submitted before 1 August.

Picture: Pixabay (via FAPESP)

For people all over the world, it is important to be able to live a decent and healthy life, also when they become old. To realise this, someone's intrinsic capacity is of great importance. This concerns all physical and mental capacities such as your genetic composition, personal and health characteristics and the presence or absence of diseases.
The aim of this programme is to gain more knowledge about the (bio) markers of the vulnerability of the elderly as well as the biological, clinical and environmental factors that influence the aging process. A crucial step to be able to positively influence the ageing process is to understand its underlying mechanisms.

Submitting a proposal

Interested in submitting an application? This is possible via the ZonMw website (see below).The deadline for application is 3 September 2019. A letter of Intent must be submitted before 1 August. In the call you will also find more information about the conditions that you must meet.

About the Merian Fund and ZonMw

Did you know? This call is a joint effort of ZonMw, NWO and FAPESP

Within the Merian Fund, international cooperation with emerging science and developing countries plays an important role. The common thread is research that supports the worldwide achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Domains and institutes of NWO and of the Taskforce for Applied Research (NPRO-SIA) contribute from their own expertise, instruments and networks. WOTRO Science for Global Development is responsible for the implementation of the calls.

NWO has asked ZonMw to develop and implement this Merian Fund programme. ZonMw stimulates health research and care innovation within the entire knowledge chain.

More information

Source: NWO