Female top scientists set to work at NWO institutes

23 May 2019

NWO has awarded a WISE grant to three female research talents. For Dr Sarah Caudill this has opened the way for an appointment at the National Institute for subatomic physics, Nikhef. Dr Julia Engelmann will set to work at the oceanographic research Institute NIOZ. Finally, Dr Liubov Amitonova will work at ARCNL, the research Institute for nanolithography. With the WISE programme, NWO encourages the appointment and further promotion of female top researchers at NWO institutes.

Women In Science Excel

NWO wants to be a diverse organisation and tries to offer all research talent opportunities to excel. At the end of 2015, NWO decided to improve the gender balance among its own scientific personnel by establishing a tenure-track programme for female researchers at NWO institutes: Women In Science Excel (WISE). This offers talented female researchers the opportunity to develop their own research group or to continue it at one of NWO's institutes.

Dr Sarah Caudill investigates gravitational waves, especially searching for binary neutron stars and black holes. She was coordinator and joint chair within the LIGO-Virgo collaboration and demonstrated leadership abilities there. Caudill aims to develop instruments to search for missing classes of black holes and that fits superbly in Nikhef's research programme.

Dr Julia Engelmann will use computer power to make predictions about how marine microbial communities respond to worldwide changes and what the consequences for marine ecosystems will be. This is a new and innovative line of research for NWO Institute NIOZ that will strongly complement and support existing lines of research.

Dr Liubov Amitonova’s research lies in the area of advanced manipulation and propagation of light in the context of imaging, endoscopy, metrology and quantum calculations. Amitonova previously tackled fundamental problems with elegant experiments that made use of new concepts or combinations of existing concepts. At ARCNL, she will start a research group in the area of computational imaging, which is complimentary to all existing lines of research within ARCNL.

Source: NWO


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