85 researchers receive NWO-Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros

24 May 2019

The Dutch Research Council (formerly known as: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research/NWO) has awarded 85 experienced researchers a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros. The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group in the coming five years.

With the grant the Vidi laureates will do research on a variety of subjects including how an enzyme can be used to convert wastewater nitrogen compounds into commercially valuable hydrazine and how a smart biological ink can enable the creation of important tissue structures to replace patient’s damaged organs. The Vidi will also help study how artistic practices can provide a platform for institutional experimentation and innovation across and beyond Europe and help develop new methods to identify DNA mutations in order to discover genetic causes for Amyotrofische Laterale Sclerose (ALS).

NWO Talent Scheme

Vidi is aimed at experienced researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years after obtaining their PhDs. Together with Veni and Vici, Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Scheme. Researchers in the NWO Talent Scheme are free to submit their own subject for funding. NWO thus encourages curiosity-driven and innovative research. NWO selects researchers based on the quality of the researcher, the innovative character of the research, the expected scientific impact of the research proposal and the possibilities for knowledge use.

A total of 443 researchers submitted an admissible research project for funding during this Vidi funding round. Eighty-five of these have now received grants. That amounts to an award rate of 19%. See the online list of awarded grants for the 2018 round which contains the names of all of the laureates and brief summaries of their research projects.

Facts and figures for the 2018 round

Number of (admissible) submissions: 443
Gender ratio of submissions: 245 men, 198 women 
Number of grants awarded (award rate): 85 (19%) 
Gender ratio of awarded grants: 50 men, 35 women 
Award rate among men: 20% 
Award rate among women: 18%

Vidi 2018 number of (admissible) submissions

  Total Women % Men %
Science 109 40 37% 69 63%
SSH 187 96 51% 91 49%
AES 45 17 38% 28 62%
ZonMw 72 31 43% 41 57%
Cross-domain 30 14 47% 16 53%
Total 443 198 45% 245 55%


Vidi 2018 Grants awarded

  Total Women % Men %
Science 31 11 35% 20 65%
SSH 25 14 56% 11 44%
AES 8 2 25% 5 62%
ZonMw 14 3 21% 11 79%
Cross-domain 7 4 57% 3 43%
Total 85 34 40% 50 59%

Social Sciences and Humanities , AES = Applied and Engineering Sciences, Cross-domain

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Source: NWO