Photosynthesis, call for proposals & matchmaking workshop

16 April 2019

The call Photosynthesis is a public private collaboration programme on photosynthesis, its genetics and physiology. The call focuses on the dynamic responses of photosynthesis. The budget available from NWO for this call is € 1,700,000. Private project partners co-finance either 10% or 20% of the total project budget in cash. A matchmaking workshop will be organised on 16 May 2019 in Utrecht. Proposals are submitted by a consortium consisting of at least 3 knowledge institutions and 2 private partners. The budget requested for each submitted proposal amounts to the full programme budget: € 1,700,000. The closing date for submission of full proposals is Thursday 19 September 2019, 14:00 hours CE(S)T.


Environmental change occurs over many time scales. This call addresses photosynthetic responses in time range of seconds to days. The focus will also be primarily on responses of photosynthetic light-use efficiency to fluctuations and changes to irradiance, the limits of these responses, and the genetic basis for variation in these responses. The species investigated should normally be a higher plant.


An ambition of this call is to improve cooperation between the photosynthesis and genetics communities, to fulfil the need to improve photosynthesis in crop plants. Therefore the projects within this call will take the form of a coherent research initiative involving researchers from the plant genetics- and the plant physiology/biophysics/biochemistry communities. The projecs should be prepared and implemented by an optimally balanced research consortia. 

Matchmaking workshop

A matchmaking workshop will be organised on Thursday 16 May, from 13:00 till 17:00 hrs at NWO Utrecht. The purpose of this meeting is to bring researchers, private parties and other interested organisations in contact with each other, and, for each consortium, to start preparing an application.

During the workshop, you will receive information on specific options within the call, and on the optimal way to describe your research plans.

You can register for the workshop by sending an email to indicating:

  • name, and name of the organisation on whose behalf you will attend;
  • the number of persons from your organisation that will take part in the workshop;
  • a short description of the nature of your interest in the programme and,
  • if appropriate, what role your organisation could perform in the consortium and in the research project.

Deadline for registration is 9 May 2019. For more information about the call or the matchmaking workshop email us at


A revolution in agricultural primary productivity will be required if we are to meet future demands for food and fodder, while transitioning smoothly to a sustainable non fossil industrial base. Despite its importance to agriculture, photosynthesis remains the last major crop-yield related trait that has not been subject to systematic modification as a route to crop yield improvement. The environment is in continuous change and photosynthesis needs to be understood as a process that is responding to these changes. The more rapidly photosynthesis responds to change the closer it will remain to its optimum state. Improving photosynthesis therefore depends on not only ameliorating its steady-state function but also its dynamic responses.

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