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Looking for final reviewer(s) for the Security and Rule of Law Programme

8 April 2019

NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development is tendering a final review for its Security and Rule of Law (SRoL) programme, since it will come to a close mid-2020. This final review on programme level will be aimed at learning and accountability; the reviewers will assess the performance of the programme in terms of results, and identify recommendations to improve research programming and funding for development. NWO-WOTRO invites interested parties to submit an application before 20 May 2019.

The Security & Rule of Law research programme aims to enhance the knowledge-base of security and rule of law policies and intervention programmes in fragile and conflict-affected settings, in order to improve their effectiveness. The research programme uses a combined approach of knowledge development and application thereof by funding both strategic and applied research.

Objectives and budget

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The objectives to assess the SRoL programme, and its respective Applied Research Fund (ARF) and Strategic Research Fund (SRF), are threefold:

  • Assessing, through documentation of results of the research funds, whether funded research contributed meaningfully to the improvement of security and rule of law policies, interventions and programmes in LMICs;
  • Assessing the adequacy of the programmatic approach of NWO-WOTRO for achieving the results;
  • Assessing efficiency of the available (human and other) resources for achieving objectives of the programme.

A total budget of 79,500 euros (including VAT) is available for evaluating the SRoL-programme as a whole, including the ARF and SRF fund.


Interested parties are invited to submit an application for the evaluation on the basis of the Terms of Reference. A Letter of Intent should be received by NWO before 2 PM CEST on 20 May 2019.

The Security & Rule of Law research programme

The SRoL research programme started in 2013, and is managed by NWO-WOTRO. The programme is part of the Knowledge for Development Policy of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law (KPSRL) formulated the research agenda for the SRoL research programme.

Based on the needs identified by the KPSRL in the research agenda, NWO-WOTRO developed two funding modalities within the SRoL programme:

  • The Applied Research Fund (ARF)2. This fund aims to bridge the gap between policies for Security & Rule of Law and the implementation thereof in LMICs;
  • The Strategic Research Fund (SRF)3. This fund aims to enhance the academic basis and underlying assumptions of policy theories and intervention logic of development actors in the area of Security & Rule of Law.

Within these two funds, eight calls for proposals have been developed (six calls for applied research, two calls for strategic research) each focusing on a research theme as identified by the KPSRL4. The eight


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