Information and matchmaking event Responsible Innovation

Designing for public values in a digital world

2 April 2019

Friday, 12 April 2019, an information and matchmaking meeting will be organised about the programme 'Responsible Innovation. Designing for public values in a digital world'.

Human arm and robotic arm

All government ministries are constantly adjusting their digital agendas and their strategic knowledge and innovation agendas under the influence of new technological developments: Blockchain, robotics, AI, Big Data, 5G, IoT, and quantum computing/internet are just a few examples. The key question that continually emerges in doing so is how public values can be safeguarded in digital projects. The issue is how to give due consideration in a transparent and responsible manner to public values in the design and deployment of new systems, applications, models and protocols.

For this NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) has set up a research programme: Responsible Innovation. Designing for public values in a digital world. This new programme is a collaboration between NWO and The Hague City Council, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of Justice and Security.

The first phase of the funding round has been completed: Mid-March 2019, NWO received pre-proposals for project proposals and in the meantime it has become known which researchers will be submitting full proposals.

Would you like to meet these researchers and talk with them further? And would you like to discuss with them how you can contribute to their proposal? Would you like to receive more information about this programme? Private parties and researchers who wish to connect with proposals but who could not submit one themselves, are invited to attend the meeting on 12 April! It will be held from 9.30 to 12.30 hours (doors open at 9.00 hours, and the meeting will be concluded with a lunch) in the Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58 in The Hague.

You are kindly requested to register.

For further questions please contact Sander Klaasse via

Source: NWO