Broad research programme to improve potato production launched

11 April 2019

How can we improve future potato production? This is the key question of the Partnership programme of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) and Holland Innovative Potato (HIP). On Thursday 11 April, the kick-off of the research programme took place at Wageningen International Congress Centre (WICC).

Researchers from universities and industry were given the opportunity to get to know each other and present their research projects during the meeting. The aim of this was to facilitate cross-fertilisation among the stakeholders and encourage cooperation. Speakers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Dutch Potato Organisation and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) also contributed to the event. NWO Domain AES explained the relevance of this Partnership Programme and the importance of cooperation. The meeting concluded with a keynote lecture by Leo Marcelis, Professor of Horticulture and Product Physiology (WUR). Attendees looked back on a successful day with many opportunities for networking.

The Partnership Programme NWO Domain AES - Holland Innovative Potato consists of eleven partners from the potato industry. AES and HIP are jointly investing nearly 3 million euros in this programme. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is contributing 1.5 million euros in kind to the programme’s research capacity at Wageningen Research. AES has awarded funding to four projects, based on their scientific quality and potential for application. The awarding of the project is an important impulse for research into sustainable farming systems.

Important element of nutrition

The potato is an important part of the Dutch diet. Potatoes have a high nutritional value, contain starch for energy, and vitamins and minerals. As their cultivation requires relatively little water, potatoes also play a very important role in global food security.

Recent developments in science and technology have created new innovation opportunities for potato varieties and products, which can lead to improvements in production. An example of this is potatoes with qualities that allow them to grow under difficult weather conditions. Potato breeding and processing are knowledge intensive areas. The research programme brings together universities, knowledge institutes and representatives from the potato industry to strengthen research in this area.

Improving production

The research of this Partnership programme aims to improve the yield, quality and stability of potato production. Research takes place in the fields of agronomy, genetics and the interaction between the two. The developments should lead to more stable and qualitatively better potato crops and an improved nutritional value of the processed potato.


Organisations that want to invest in a research theme can enter into a Partnership with the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES). See the page below for more information about the funding instrument Partnership.

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