600,000 euros for research into Changing jobs in the Logistics Sector

17 April 2019

How do you change logistics work processes, and the learning-work environments associated with these, using currently available and usable knowledge? The intended research is focused on the factors that hinder or contribute to the introduction of desired changes to logistical work processes and associated learning-work environments.

Man working in logisticsphoto: Shutterstock

As a result employees subsequently take action and optimally contribute to innovations by continuously developing so that they can also use new technologies. A sandpit method will be used for this call. During three sandpit workshops that will take place on 24, 25 and 28 June, selected participants will work under the guidance of a facilitator on developing a single creative and innovative research proposal.

This proposal will be developed in collaboration between about six researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds and two companies from the logistics sector.

Researchers at Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutions can submit an Expression of Interest to participate in the sandpit workshops. For this Human Capital call a budget of 600,000 euros is available for a single project with a maximum duration of two years.

Expressions of interest for participation in the sandpit workshops should be received by NWO before the deadline of 14 May 2019, at 14:00 hours CE(S)T. Further information about the call can be found on the funding page.   

Source: NWO