Call open: “Societal aspects of the regional energy transition (MARET)”

New call, and information and matchmaking meeting

20 March 2019

The new call “Societal aspects of the regional energy transition (MARET)” has been published. The new programme is aimed at developing more knowledge and insights concerning the societal aspects of the regional energy transition and implementing these in policy and practice. Interested researchers and private and public parties are cordially invited for the information and matchmaking meeting on 2 April, where they can meet each other with a view to collaborating on research projects. You can register via the link in this news release.

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Background: Regional energy transition, a societal challenge

The Netherlands faces the enormous challenge of achieving the Paris climate objectives and limiting the warming up of the earth to 2°C . Furthermore, the Netherlands is committed to being energy neutral in 2050. Over the past few years, many initiatives have been established at a local and regional level to realise a more sustainable energy system. This so-called "regional energy transition" has a large impact on society with consequences, amongst other things, for the living environment, the economy, the labour market and the private lives of citizens. Many of these consequences are still unknown and in view of their interdependence the challenges of the energy transition are not just technical but also societal in nature.

Unique collaboration

The programme “Societal aspects of the regional energy transition” is a unique collaboration and has been realised between the provinces of Groningen, North Brabant, Overijssel, Zeeland and South Holland, the NP RES (National Programme Regional Energy Strategy) and NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

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The aim of the programme is to generate innovative scientific knowledge and insights concerning regional, societal issues related to the energy transition so that the policy and implementing power of regional governments can be strengthened. The programme therefore focusses on four themes:

  • The role of regional governments in general and the role of the provinces in the regional energy transition in particular;
  • Strategies for participation and communication in the regional energy transition;
  • The regional energy transition as a systematic change: linking to other societal challenges;
  • Knowledge and learning agenda for the regional energy transition.

Attention will also be paid to how the provinces and other government bodies can learn from each other and the strengthening of their accumulation of knowledge. The programme will therefore contribute to accelerating the energy transition in the various provinces/regions and ultimately throughout the Netherlands.

Call for proposals open

NWO has published the definitive call for proposals. The call invites researchers to submit research proposals on behalf consortia and it contains the conditions that these proposals must satisfy. The total available budget for this program is 2.5 million euros. There is room for six projects, each with a maximum budget of 400,000 euros.

Information and matchmaking meeting on 2 April 2019

On the afternoon of Tuesday 2 April 2019, doors open at 14.00 hours, an information and matchmaking meeting will be organised at the Muntgebouw, Leidseweg 90 in Utrecht. Participation is free of charge, but you must register to attend.

Source: NWO