Science PPP Fund open for public-private partnerships within 5 topsectors

7 February 2019

NWO Domain Science opened a Science-wide PPP fund for bottom-up public-private research within the NWO Domain Science. The Science PPP Fund offers opportunities for cooperation between companies (including SMEs) and knowledge institutes within the topsectors Chemistry (including BBE), Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials, Agri & Food and ICT. Proposals must match the knowledge and innovation agenda(s) of one or more of the top sectors involved. The Science PPP Fund offers four different types of partnerships, which are summarized in two separate calls: the call ENW PPS-fonds 2019 and the call KIEM 2019.

The Science PPP Fund encourages companies and knowledge institutes to jointly develop innovations and/or knowledge. To this end, the Fund finances projects that feature fundamental research. It has earmarked about 12 million euros for this purpose in 2019. The table below summarises which partnership is available for which top sector:

Call ENW PPS-fonds 2019

Industrial Partnership Project (IPP): collaboration between researchers from one or more companies and one or more knowledge institutions. IPP projects are 50% funded by NWO and 50% by means of in-cash contributions from industry. The minimum budget for an IPP is EUR 1m, the maximum is EUR 2m.

Technology Area (TA): aims at forming consortia of at least two companies and at least two knowledge institutions. NWO pays 70% of the project costs; the participating companies jointly pay 30%. The private contribution may be partially paid in kind. The minimum budget for a TA project is EUR 750,000; the maximum budget is EUR 1.5m.

Launchpad for Innovative Future Technology (LIFT): collaboration between at least one company and at least one knowledge institution. On average, industry contributes 20% of the funding for LIFT projects in cash and NWO contributes 80%. A LIFT project can be carried out and funded in one or in two phases, but the whole project must be applied for at once. The minimum total project budget amounts to EUR 150,000; the maximum is EUR 300,000.

The Science PPP Fund has two deadlines for submitting proposals:

  • 4 June 2019, 14:00h CE(S)T,
  • 8 October 2019, 14:00h CE(S)T.

Call KIEM 2019

Knowledge and Innovation Mapping (KIEM): collaboration between an SME/start-up and one or more knowledge institutions. The minimum NWO contribution per project is € 16,000 and the maximum NWO contribution per project is € 40,000. The participating SME company, which must be based in the Netherlands, pays 20% of the project costs; NWO pays 80%. The first € 5000 of the SME contribution may be contributed in kind. The project size can thus increase up to € 50,000. Proposals for KIEM grants can be submitted on a continuous basis until 8 October 2019. See the call for proposals for the terms and conditions.

Further details about the Science PPP fund can be found at


Source: NWO