Call for submissions for computing time

6 February 2019

From January 2019, researchers can once again submit applications for computing time on national computer systems. Applications can be submitted to NWO at any time.

Scope of the application

The current call for submissions for computing time applies to the following computer systems: HPC Cloud, Lisa, Cartesius and Grid. These state-of-the art national computer systems are used by technical and scientific researchers who need to solve large-scale calculation problems but whose institutions lack the necessary computational facilities.



The following changes have been made since the previous call for submissions:

  1. Until the end of 2018, computing time could only be requested for the computer systems Lisa and Cartesius. From January 2019 you can also request computing time for HPC Cloud and Grid.
  2. Applications for limited computing time (previously 'pilot applications') should now be submitted to SURFsara. Applications for extended computing time (previously 'standard applications') can be submitted to NWO. This applies to all four computer systems.
  3. More research institutions can now submit an application.
  4. To accelerate the application process, in principle, applications will no longer be assessed by external referees. However, SURFsara will be approached for a technical recommendation on each application. The 'Committee for the Scientific Use of Supercomputers' will assess the application, the technical recommendation, and the applicant's response to this recommendation.
  5. The standard length of computing time projects has been extended from one to two years.

For more information about the new call for submissions for computing time, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

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Source: NWO