NWO and the Research Council of Norway will collaborate more intensively

11 January 2019

Today NWO and her Norwegian sister organisation the Research Council of Norway (RCN) signed an agreement to make the funding of international research proposals simpler. These bilateral agreements relate to the new Money Follows Cooperation scheme that NWO announced in its new strategy for 2019-2022. From July 2019 onwards, Dutch researchers will be able to include a Norwegian researcher in the research proposal they submit to NWO.

If the proposal is awarded funding then NWO will also fund the Norwegian researchers in the consortium. With such agreements there is always reciprocity and therefore Dutch researchers in a Norwegian-Dutch consortium will also be able submit proposals to sister organisation RCN. During the course of 2019 similar new agreements will also be made with sister organisations from other countries. Without a bilateral agreement, the current MFC condition applies, stating that the required international expertise is not available or not available at the desired level in the Netherlands. A bilateral agreement thus lowers the threshold for international cooperation.

About Money Follows Cooperation

Science transcends national boundaries, whereas funding is frequently bound to national borders. Via the principle of Money Follows Cooperation, NWO will remove the boundaries and facilitate bottom-up international collaboration in all the research it funds.

The MFC principle was announced in the NWO strategy "Connecting Science and Society" and is part of the ambition "collaboration for excellence and innovation in research."

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