Life Sciences with Industry workshop experiences

9 January 2019

How to obtain creative, out-of-the-box and useful solutions to your challenge as a company active in the life sciences? Mid-November 2018 young investigators and company representatives met during one week at the Lorentz Center to provide solutions for challenges of Heineken, Solynta and VITO.

Life Sciences with Industry workshop 2018

Representatives of the three companies were unanimous in their appraisal of the results that came out of this pressure cooker.

For Heineken the scientists were challenged to bring solutions for recovery of ethanol and aroma compounds from beer. Despite the restraints of such a large scale, industrial application, the team succeeded in providing new perspectives that the company representative Sabine Tessiot will bring back to the company.

 “I am impressed on what the team can achieve in one week! A deep scientific analysis of our case and how to relate it to the business context, new perspectives to bring back home and a fun environment. A good way to bridge academic research with industry challenges” says Sabine Tessiot.

Solynta participated in this workshop to gain ideas for the measurement of dry matter distribution in potato tubers in a fast and precise manner. The scientists came up with a list of 15 methods that were scored for cost, throughput and detail of information.

Pim Lindhout head of R&D commented: “Inspiring to delve into a relevant topic for our company with such an enthusiastic group of young researchers.”

life sciences with industry workshop 2018 - 2The VITO serious health game is played by the participants of the Life Sciences with Industry workshop.

The challenge from VITO encompassed the development of a serious health game. At the end of the week all participants of the workshop could actually experience a prototype of the developed game that was not only competitive but also a collaborative game with a large learning component and high fun factor.

According to Lotte Mollen, VITO Health: “Life Sciences with Industry really is a win-win situation for both the participants, young researchers, and the companies. It leads to inspiring and innovative solutions based on multidisciplinary expertise.“

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Source: NWO