Grants NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences December 2018

5 December 2018

This month, the board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted five projects within the Open Technology Programme. Next to that, fourteen projects can start within the HTSM programme. AES also granted 31 Take-off proposals from starting entrepreneurs.

The granted projects are listed below by programme and in alphabetical order.


A new method to measure fabrication induced surface spin densities
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. T. H. Oosterkamp - Universiteit Leiden

A combinatorial sputtering approach to the development of industry compatible luminescent window coatings: Pushing for a record-breaking 1 m2 PV-Window
Main applicant: Dr. E. van der Kolk - TU  Delft

Advanced failure modelling for safety of welded steel ship structures
Main applicant: Dr. C. L. Walters - TU Delft

Atomic Layer Etching: Novel Plasma Processes for Anisotropic ánd Isotropic Etching
Main applicant: Dr. ir. A. J. M. Mackus - Eindhoven University of Technology

CRYO3BEAMS - Cryogenic three-beams microscope to track and isolate proteins for near-atomic resolution electron cryo-microscopy.
Main applicant: Prof. ir. J. P. Hoogenboom - TU Delft

Development of deuterium metabolic imaging to map body biochemistry with MRI
Main applicant: Dr. J. J. Prompers -  Eindhoven University of Technology

Free-space electromagnetic modulation with focal-plane arrays using non-linear power amplifiers (FREEPOWER), to enable millimeter-wave front-haul links in future 5G/6G wireless infrastructure
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. A. B. Smolders - Eindhoven University of Technology

Master Equation Modeling of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (MEMOLED)
Main applicant: Prof. dr. P.A. Bobbert - Eindhoven University of Technology

NanoLEDs: bringing nanophotonics into solid-state lighting
Main applicant: Prof. dr. J. Gomez Rivas - Eindhoven University of Technology

Print Quality and Particles (PQP): Optimizing the interaction of water-based inks with porous substrates.
Main applicant: Prof. ir. H. P. Huinink - Eindhoven University of Technology

Robust diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for non-invasive monitoring of proton beam treatment
Main applicant: Prof. dr. A. G. Webb - LUMC

Self-Driving Ultrasound for Multiparametric Cardiac Tissue Characterization
Main applicant: Dr. M. Mischi - Eindhoven University of Technology

Unobtrusive Monitoring of Sleep Apnea (UMOSA)
Main applicant: Dr. ir. S. Stuijk - Eindhoven University of Technology

Visual analytics for 3DOMICS: from single cell to tissue and back
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. B. P. F. Lelieveldt - LUMC

Open Technologieprogramma

DuneForce - Dunes For Coastal Safety and Habitat Development
Main applicant: Dr. ir. S. de Vries, Technische Universiteit Delft

Impact of light at night: preventing habitat loss and habitat fragmentation by adapting night-time illumination
Main applicant: Prof. dr. M. E. Visser - Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)

Novel Electrically Driven Environmental Control System for Aircraft
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. P. Colonna - Technische Universiteit Delft

Plasma for plants
Main applicant: Dr. ir. T. Huiskamp - Eindhoven University of Technology

QUARAT: Quantitative Universal Radiotracer Tomography
Main applicant: Prof. dr. F. J. Beekman, Technische Universiteit Delft


Take-off TO2 fase 1 haalbaarheidsstudies (Ronde 2)

Duurzamere elektrische voertuigen met onderzoeksmodellen TNO om batterijprestaties te verhogen 
Main applicant: dhr. J. Bleker - STORM Engineering & Research Services B.V

SHM-Next - LUMC 
Main applicant: dr. L. Pahlavan - SHM Next B.V

Value added amino acid supplements from rest streams 
Main applicant: dr. ir. C. Cabrera - Greencovery B.V. 

Take-off WO fase 1 haalbaarheidsstudies (ronde 8)


Fitsurance - Health is Wealth 
Main applicant: S. das Gupta - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

‘Meta-grip’: monitoring grip force to minimize hand injuries and improve climbing performance 
Main applicant: Dr. D. Rawan Orth - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Smart Mapping 
Main applicant: Drs. G. Schoof - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Autonomous swarms of robots for mobile sensor network applications 
Main applicant: Dr. ir. C. Verhoeven - TU Delft

Main applicant: Dr. ing. A.J. Jansen - TU Delft

“DIsRuPt”, DIgital Rf Power
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ing. L. C. M. de Vreede - TU Delft

Hydrodynamic Filtration for flow-based dispersion concentration 
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. R. M . Boom - Wageningen University

Innovatie Albatros - Biometische Windturbine 
Main applicant: Dr. E. J. Stamhuis - Rijksuniversiteit Groinngen

Intravascular photoacoustics,  total treatment of coronary artery disease 
Main applicant: dr. G. van Soest - Erasmus MC

Main applicant: Prof. dr. E. Brück - TU Delft

Nanocapillary Electrokinetic Tracking Stage
Main applicant: Dr. ir. S. Faez - Universiteit Utrecht

Patterned Luminescent Solar Concentrators for  energy and aesthetic applications
Main applicant: Dr. M. G. Debije - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Rapid 3D Printing through full-field volumetric photolithography 
Main applicant: Prof. dr. K. J. Batenburg - Centrum voor Wiskunde & Informatica

Life Sciences

Snelle, simpele en patiëntvriendelijke diagnose van luchtweginfecties
Main applicant: dr. M. de Jonge - Radboudumc

A novel RNA-based antiviral drug to prevent BKV virus-induced kidney failure following kidney transplantation
Main applicant: dr. E. R. van der Veer - LUMC

Development of a nanopore-based single-molecule protein sequencer 
Main applicant: Prof. dr. C. Dekker - TU Delft

River BioMedics: Human mini-heart to improve drug discovery and development 
Main applicant: dr. M. Caterino Ribeiro - Universiteit Twente

Adenosomen – Technologie voor beladen van exosomen met DNA 
Main applicant: Dr. ir. J. de Vrij - Erasmusmc

A hot trick to T-cell reactivity by HTS MHC technology
Main applicant: Prof. dr. H. Ovaa - LUMC

Take-off fase 2 vroegefasetrajecten (Ronde 8)


Scitodate Market Landscape: Using AI for mapping out addressable markets for manufacturers of scientific research equipment.
Main applicant: Dr. M. Farzanepour - Scitodate


Adaptive INDI for Drones
Main applicant: R. J. Crone - Drones for Work B.V.

Autonome microdrones voor gerichte insectenbestrijding
Main applicant: K. van Hecke - Mu-G Knowledge Management BV

Main applicant: Ir. B. M. de Boer - Delta Diagnostics B.V.

BI/OND: The Versatile Organ-On-Chip platform
Main applicant: C. Silvestri - BIOND Solutions B.V.

Drones for Aircraft Inspections 
Main applicant: D. Borota - MainBlades Inspections

Eventpad: Rapid & Cost-effective Cyber Security Monitoring
Main applicant: ir. J.G.M. Mengerink - AnalyzeData B.V

HELIA – A revolutionary technology for continuous biomarker monitoring in healthcare
Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. M. W. J. Prins - HELIA Biomonitoring B.V

Slimme daglichtregeling voor optimale gebouwprestaties 
Main applicant: B. van Leersum - Kindow B.V.

Source: NWO