For the top sectors, NWO is developing a new call "Transitions and Behaviour"

20 December 2018

Society faces significant challenges in the areas of climate change and energy, mobility, agriculture and food, and our natural habitat. It is expected that an accelerated approach is needed to realise the structural changes required. Effecting this acceleration requires knowledge about behaviour and how we can utilise this knowledge in various transitions. The following top sectors are participating in the call: Logistics, Life Sciences and Health, Agri&Food, Social Infrastructure Agenda, Water & Maritime, Energy, Chemistry, High-Tech Systems and Materials, ICT and Creative Industry.

NWO is therefore currently developing the cross-sectoral research programme "Transitions and Behaviour". Examples of research questions are: Which mechanisms and strategies can play a role in behavioural change? Which differences play a role with respect to behaviour at the individual and collective levels and the willingness to change? Which methods can we develop to facilitate behavioural change that contributes to transitions? What are the ethical questions  underpinning these transitional situations?

Proposed research should focus on issues at the level of government, NGOs, companies and the individual level. NWO invites – but not limited to – the following disciplines to consider submitting a proposal: psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, ethics, law, communication studies, public administration, social and economic history, change management, and innovation sciences. Attention for the human touch and the specific strength of the Top Sector Creative Industry form a unique opportunity to make a contribution to the necessary transitions for our economy and society within the context of top sector policies.

A total of 8 million euros is available for the research.

NWO expects to publish the call in February 2019 and NWO will also organise an opportunity for the formation of consortia. Would you like to stay informed? Please send an email to

Source: NWO