6 million euros for digitalisation in the social sciences and humanities

8 January 2019

NWO is making 6 million euros available for digitalisation in the social sciences and humanities. NWO is therefore responding to the increasing demand for funding for research into the important societal questions concerning big data, artificial intelligence and social media, as well as the scientific practice associated with these. NWO is opening a new funding instrument for this: NWO Open Competition for Digitalisation – SSH.

The first call for proposals NWO Open Competition for Digitalisation – SSH will be published in the first half of February. Given the short period between the call being published and the deadline for compulsory preproposals on 19 March 2019, NWO has made an exception by making the pre-final version of the call for proposals available in advance. This will allow potential applicants to beforehand gain an idea of the possibilities and the conditions, and enable them to make initial preparations for submitting the proposals. The call can be found in the PDF attached to this news item.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is funding the call for proposals, and will take a formal decision about the allocation of the budget for the call by the end of January or the beginning of February.

In 2018, NWO-SSH launched a new instrument for the open competition: "NWO Open Competition – SSH". This subsumed most funding instruments from the SSH Open Research Area (Research Talent, Free Competition Humanities, Internationalisation in the Humanities, Open Research Area, Investment Grant NWO Medium). Given the specific purpose, the character and the scope of this call for proposals concerning digitalisation, it has been decided to establish a separate Open Competition instrument with which NWO-SSH can optimally meet the specific conditions of the call: "NWO Open Competition for Digitisation – SSH".

For each proposal, researchers can request a maximum of €750,000 to cover personnel costs, material budget and costs for valorisation and knowledge utilisation. The deadline for submitting final proposals is 24 September 2019.

With the call for proposals "NWO Open Competition for digitalisation – SSH", NWO is giving form to the Social Sciences & Humanities sector outlook – previously the Sector Plan SSH (www.sectorplan-ssh.nl) – of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In the Domain Plan, the urgency of, among other things, tackling large research and societal challenges concerning big data is recognised, as well as the issues raised by artificial intelligence and social media. Also, questions about the scientific practice in the areas have not been forgotten: how can the social sciences and humanities respond to these new developments in a responsible manner? Moreover, how can the field realise more structural collaboration across the boundaries of disciplines?

By, in the coming years, making substantial funding available in two rounds of grants for a domain-wide plan concerning digital social sciences and humanities, the disciplines within the SSH domain will be given the possibility to work together and to respond to the increasing opportunities and challenges of the digital society.

At the SSH Conference Synergy on 7 February 2019, the theme “digitalisation” will take centre stage.

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