Knowledge Facilitator wanted for Urbanising Deltas of the World research programme

29 November 2018

The NWO-WOTRO Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) research and innovation programme is seeking a Knowledge Facilitator to support its thirteen research projects as well as the programme as a whole. The Knowledge Facilitator will undertake supplementary knowledge sharing and outreach activities to encourage research uptake. The deadline for application is 10 December 2018.

The assignment is open for experts working on optimising the use of knowledge & research for delta management, climate change and water policy development, with ample experience in working on the science-policy & practice interface.


Applicants are required to submit an application by 10 December 2018. In order to apply, you need to registrer twice: on Negometrix ánd on 'Dynamic Purchasing System (DAS) inhuur NWO'.

  1. Registration Negometrix
  2. Registration DAS inhuur NWO

If you need support, please visit the Negometrix FAQ site.

More information on the assignment

You’ll find more information in the Terms of Reference which you can download at the bottom of this page. Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to get in touch with Han van Dijk or Rachel Kelders via

Urbanising Deltas of the Worlds

The aim of the programme Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) is to increase knowledge about river deltas worldwide and to contribute to water safety, food security, and to sustainable economic development in these areas. The UDW consortia were invited to submit a proposal for an Integrated Project to run for four to five years. Seven research proposals were awarded funding as a result of the first call, with a combined budget of approximately 5.5 million euro. The projects in in the second call specifically target cooperation between researchers and businesses, with partners from the Netherlands and the water partner countries of Dutch Development cooperation. Six projects were granted in this second call.

Terms of Reference

Source: NWO