Paulien Herder joins board NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences

29 November 2018

The board of the NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences appoints prof. Paulien Herder as new board member. With Herder, AES attracts a director who operates in a broad scientific and industrial field. Herder will join the AES domain board as of 1 January 2019.

Herder is professor at Delft University of Technology, researching energy systems and energy system integration. In her research she combines technical-scientific research with social sciences. She is also chair of the Delft Energy Initiative, in which her university combines energy research and education. She is also a co-leader of Delft's e-Refinery programme, which aims to decarbonise the chemical and energy sectors.

In addition to her academic work Herder is also the 'captain of science' of the top team of the top sector Energy, with special attention to System Integration, Socially Responsible Innovation, Digitalisation and the Human Capital Agenda.

Rock-solid research climate

‘I am very much looking forward to my new role as a board member of AES’, says Herder. ‘In this position I hope to further increase the quality and impact of Dutch engineering science. AES in particular plays a crucial pivotal role in this. The effective way in which engineering and applied sciences are jointly carried out via various AES instruments, is crucial for addressing many major societal challenges.’

‘I’m active in energy transition research, but this transition is of course closely interwoven with challenges in the field of mobility, digitisation, but also with an ageing population and education. This complexity requires the Netherlands to maintain a rock-solid research climate that has a direct impact on application. From AES’s point of view, I hope to be able to contribute to this.’

Clear vision

The chairman of the AES board, prof. Jaap Schouten, is looking forward to the arrival of Herder. ‘Paulien Herder is an experienced and strong leader who is well able to bring people together’, says Schouten. ‘She has a broad network in academia and industry, in the Netherlands and abroad, in various fields of application that are important to the AES domain. Moreover, she has a clear vision of what is important for technical-scientific research, technology development and innovation in the Netherlands. I am very pleased that she’ll provide her qualities for the domain AES in the coming years.’

Evaluation committee

Herder is very familiar with the strategy and mission of NWO domain AES. She was a member of the committee that investigated the work of Technology Foundation STW, the predecessor of AES. The committee was ‘downright positive’ at the time, and ruled that STW served the applied sciences in the Netherlands very well. In addition, the committee made a number of recommendations to further strengthen STW. For example, STW was advised to intensify the interaction between researchers and the private parties with whom they work together. STW should also create more opportunities for exploratory engineering sciences.

Herder succeeds Prof. Isabel Arends, who will leave the AES board on 1 January 2019.

AES domain board as of 1 January 2019

  • Prof. Jaap Schouten (president)
  • Prof. Paulien Herder
  • Ms Karin Sluis
  • Dr M.J. Margrethe Jonkman
  • Dr R.G.M. René Penning de Vries
  • Prof. Wiro Niessen

Source: NWO