Sustainable Living Labs (Phase 2: Lighthouse projects) call about transport and mobility opened

2 October 2018

Research consortia can submit proposals to NWO about living labs for transport, accessibility and mobility until the deadline of 19 February 2019 (14:00 hours). Eligible proposals concern themes that combine societal and scientific challenges with relevant everyday practice. Examples of this are sustainability, the integration of new technology and (urban) accessibility.

The call Sustainable Living Labs (Phase 2: Lighthouse projects) is an initiative of NWO and TKI Dinalog. For this call, they are collaborating with the Top Sector Logistics, and a clear connection is sought with the Top Sector Water and Maritime and the Top Sector Energy.

Innovative research

The aim of the call is to make inspiring projects possible. Research proposals should ideally be composed of innovative fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research of a high level, which due to its visibility contributes to the use and scaling up of the solutions and insights developed and consequently to structural changes. Innovations in the transport and mobility system will be the main objective of each project. Themes for which living labs can be developed are, for example, emission-free transport networks and sustainable urban mobility and transport. The cross-cutting theme is innovative business and organisational models. The responsible innovation approach must form an integral part of the proposals, which means that ethical and societal aspects of the technological innovations to be investigated in the living labs should be included at an early stage of the project.

Available budget and co-funding

Applicants can apply for at least 1 million euros and at most 2 million euros. The total available budget is 12,775,000 euros. Co-funding of 33% (1/3) of the total project budget is also required. The total project budget will therefore be at least 3,000,000 euros if the maximum grant is applied for. A proposal can be submitted by a senior researcher at a Dutch University, a lector at a university of applied sciences or a senior researcher at a TO2, NWO or KNAW institute. Public and/or private stakeholders must be involved in the consortium but cannot submit a proposal themselves.

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Source: NWO