Over 5 million euros available for new Cyber Security Call

1 October 2018

NWO will publish a new call for research proposals for cyber security on 16 October. More than 5 million euros is available for this call, initiated and funded by NWO Social Sciences and Humanities, NWO Science and the Taskforce for Applied Research (NPRO-SIA). The partners involved in the call are: dcypher, Commit2Data, Social Infrastructure Agenda, and the Top Sector Creative Industries. This means that the programme has mainly been developed for ICT researchers, cyber security researchers, Big Data researchers, and researchers from the creative industry and the social sciences and humanities.

What you need to know about the call:

  • The National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA III) provides the context for the call;
  • Proposals will be submitted in two steps:
    • Deadline pre-proposals: 24 January 2019;
    • Deadline full proposals: 16 April 2019;
  • Main applicants must be employed by a knowledge institution recognised by NWO;
  • For each project proposal a maximum of 3 research positions can be applied for;
  • Multidisciplinary research always has multiple research positions;
  • Researchers from universities of applied sciences can act as co-applicants;
  • For each application a consortium will be formed in which at least one recognised knowledge institution and at least one non-academic private co-funder participate;
  • For each proposal, public or private partners must provide co-funding for at least 30% of the grant applied for, of which at least 10% should consist of cash contributions;
  • The funding decision will be taken at the end of October 2019.

The call brochure (third National Cyber Security Call) will be published on 16 October.

Source: NWO