4.1 million euros for chemical research via TOP and ECHO grants

31 October 2018

NWO awards 4 TOP and 3 ECHO grants to top chemical researchers. With the TOP grants, researchers will for instance investigate how we can use photosynthesis to generate energy and how we can make reactors more environmentally friendly. The ECHO grants go to projects ranging from research into the influence of tick protein on blood clotting, to research that can contribute to new drugs.

The TOP grants have been awarded to Huub de Groot (LEI), Hans Kuipers (TU/e), Hermen Overkleeft (LEI) and Dirk Slotboom (RUG), the ECHO grants to Anna Akhmanova (UU), Luc Brunsveld (TU/e) and Ingrid Dijkgraaf (UM). In the first two TOP / ECHO rounds of 2018, a total of 21 ECHO and 21 TOP proposals were assessed. The last 3 ECHO rounds of 2018 with a total of 81 ECHO proposals will be completed in November / December.

View the summaries of the awarded TOP and ECHO grants here.

A TOP grant is intended to strengthen or expand innovative research lines of established top research groups. The ECHO grants offer researchers the opportunity to develop creative, risky ideas that can be the seed for research themes of the future.

Open competition for the Domain Science

Within the open competition there are two domain-wide calls for curiosity-driven fundamental research: one call for small-scale projects and investments and one call for large-scale projects.

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TOP grants

  • Hermen Overkleeft (LEI), Jeroen Codée (LEI) en Johannes Aerts (LEI) -  Design of conformational and covalent endoglycosidase inhibitors for biomedicine and biotechnology
  • Dirk Slotboom (RUG) - Conformational dynamics of membrane proteins in the lipid bilayer: the case of vitamin transporters
  • Huub de Groot (LEI), Annemarie Huijser (UT) en Thomas Jansen (RUG) - The molecular mechanism of long-range exciton transfer in chiral self-assembled supramolecular matrices
  • Hans Kuipers (TU/e) en Frank Peters (TU/e) - Reactive gas-liquid two-phase flow in porous media

ECHO grants

  • Anna Akhmanova (UU) - Regulation of microtubule repair by microtubule plus end-tracking proteins
  • Luc Brunsveld (TU/e) - Designed allosteric modulators for nuclear receptors; towards a new nuclear receptor pharmacology
  • Ingrid Dijkgraaf (UM) - Thrilled by ticks to study anticoagulant protein BSAP1

Source: NWO