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12 September 2018

Being caught off guard by a heart attack or a stroke is a thing of the past over 10 years. This ambition is set by the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA), a new partnership of twelve organisations and around 600 scientists and healthcare professionals in cardiovascular research. Herry Nijhuis from NWO Domain AES and Henk Smid from ZonMw are involved in this cooperation on behalf of NWO, in order to strengthen the scientific knowledge base and the social impact of the DCVA. The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance was launched today during a presentation in the Muntgebouw in Utrecht.

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The joining of forces at a national level should lead to the earlier detection of cardiovascular diseases, the faster development of solutions and bringing those to the patient more quickly. The joint aim of the DCVA is to reduce the number of chronically ill and premature deaths from cardiovascular disease by 20% by 2030. Herry Nijhuis, director of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences: 'AES thinks it is important to have active involvement with the Dutch Cardio Vascular Alliance because it gives substance to its connective Nexus role.'

Solutions quicker to practice

Research groups from all universities and hospitals work together in alliances and receive support from NWO, among others, to accelerate valorisation and implementation. This ensures that solutions reach the patient sooner. Attention is also paid to talent development, as well as improving the infrastructure in the Netherlands. The organisations are, for example, building a strong data infrastructure that enables the sharing and reuse of heart tissue and data for follow-up research. The aim is also to jointly improve the applicability of new knowledge, patents and to develop cooperation with industry at an earlier stage, goals that NWO would gladly advise on.

More information

Read more about the DCVA here, or in Dutch on the website of the Heart Foundation.

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Source: NWO