NWO Domain Science publishes strategic manifesto 2019-2022 Off the beaten track

6 September 2018

Based on the new NWO strategy and input from stakeholders, NWO Domain Science has drawn up a strategic manifesto. In this document entitled “Off the beaten track”, the board outlines the course for the NWO Domain Science over the next three years.

Instrument fan ScienceThe NWO Domain Science researcher has a wide range of options for submitting research proposals. Several instruments are still under development. The instrument fan illustrates the spectrum of possibilities per ambition line of NWO.

Acting chair of the board, Niek Lopes Cardozo, looks ahead: ‘An elaboration of the NWO strategy was drawn up for the benefit of the new, joint, science field. We have been able to formulate a large number of concrete policy intentions that we will work on together with the NWO Domain Science office and the round tables. The changes in science funding require us to work in a completely different way. Over the past few months, many stakeholders have shared their thoughts with the board and the office to realise this manifesto. We very much appreciate this input, which has helped us considerably. The board will maintain close contact with the stakeholders and via the newsletter it will keep them informed about its activities and the choices it makes.’

At the bottom of this page, you will find a copy of the manifesto as well as a summary of the document in Dutch and English.

For further information please contact NWO Domain Science.


Source: NWO