Six projects receive funding in Open Technology Programme AES

30 August 2018

The Board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences awards funding to six projects within the Open Technology Programme. This funding instrument is open all year to applications across the technical-scientific spectrum.

The awarded Open Technology Programme projects of August 2018 are:

A baculovirus expression system free of contaminating baculovirus particles (BACFREE)
Main applicant: Prof. dr. M.M. van Oers, Wageningen University & Research

AutoDrivE: Automatic Derivation of Event Logs
Main applicant: Dr. H. Leopold, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

AZOPRO: Azolla farming on rewetted agricultural lands: A novel application combining phosphorus mining with the development of high-grade Products
Main applicant: Dr. L.P.M. Lamers, Radboud University

Chaotic MEMS spectrometers
Main applicant: Prof. dr. A. Fiore, Eindhoven University of Technology

Controllable graphene nanogaps for single-molecule recognition
Main applicant: Prof. dr. J.M. van Ruitenbeek, Leiden University

Seaweed-based products to defeat Alzheimer’s disease (SALZ)
Main applicant: Dr. M.T. Mulder, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Source: NWO


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