Update FAQ call Dutch National Research Agenda

Update FAQ call Dutch National Research Agenda

23 August 2018

On May 24th, NWO published the first call of the NWA programme ‘Research along Routes by Consortia’. Are you currently preparing a research proposal together with your consortium partners? Have a look at the frequently asked questions that have recently been updated.

The aim of the NWA programme ‘Research along Routes by Consortia’ (NWA-ORC) is to fund research and innovation along (parts of) or between the routes of the NWA. The Portfolio for Research and Innovation, in which the 25 routes of the NWA are further elaborated, serves as the starting point for the research proposals to be submitted.

The call for proposals, which has been published on May 24th, is open for the submission of research proposals by interdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide consortium, in which researchers from knowledge institutes collaborate with societal partners from public, semi-public and private organisations in order to increase the societal relevance of the research.

The deadline for submission of a pre-proposal is on September 11th 2018 at 14:00 hours. Are you currently preparing a pre-proposal and having questions? Take a look at the recently updated FAQ on the web page of the programme at the website of NWO. Here you will also find the call for propsal, the pre-proposal format as well as a CV-format and template for the letter of intent of the co-financiers.

Is your consortium not yet strong enough to submit a pre-proposal in September? Then it might be interesting to submit in the next round. We expect to publish the call for 2019 in early 2019.

The Dutch National Research Agenda

The Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) has emerged from the 2025 - Vision for Science choices for the future report. The basis of the NWA was formed by questions from Dutch citizens to science. More than 11.00 questions have been submitted. These are clustered to a set of 140 questions and 25 routes have been drawn that concern subsets of questions. The routes identify the areas in which Dutch science is in an ideal position to make a difference. You can find more information on the website of the NWA.

Source: NWO