Information NWO Domain AES now on NWO website

10 August 2018

Since the end of July, the online information from NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) can only be found on the NWO website. All open calls, financing instruments and current programmes and projects of this NWO domain are easy to find from the homepage Switching languages is possible via the top right button on a web page. In the coming period, project information and English information will be added.

Automatically redirected

From 1 January 2017, the activities of Technology Foundation STW are incorporated in the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences. The former STW website,, was the starting point for the online information of the AES domain until the end of July 2018. Visitors of are now automatically redirected to, the Dutch AES landing page on the NWO website, as well as visitors of


The new landing page of NWO Domain AES has a similar navigation as the former website, to offer visitors recognition. The website of NWO facilitates visitors by means of extensive filter options and the possibility to view the website on different screen formats.

Overview information NWO domain AES on

In the coming period more information in English will be added.

Finding the way easily

NWO's website is quite extensive, so to quickly refer visitors to specific information, many so-called shortened URLs have been created. These are available for all major financing instruments/programmes. See below for a concise overview. English information can be obtained by switching language (top right button).

Source: NWO