Increase of Dutch budget call ERA-Net RegSys

31 August 2018

NWO intends to increase the budget of the open call of ERA-Net RegSys to M€ 2. Therefore the chances that your proposal will receive funding will increase. You can submit an obligatory “project outline” with the ERA-Net until 11 September, 14.00 CET.

In april 2018 NWO announced the ERA-Net RegSys call, and indicated that between M€ 1,5 and M€ 2 is reserved for Dutch research in this call. In the official call, published on 23 May 2018,  a Dutch budget of M€ 1,6 was announced.

NWO can now confirm that it intends to increase the available budget to M€ 2. However, for administrative reasons, this can only be confirmed after the deadline for project outlines of 11 September 2018, 14.00 CET.

The actual total funding awarded to Dutch project partners can actually exceed the committed Dutch budget. This is because the ERA-Net has established a separate fund* from which the national funding can be supplemented, if the national funds are not sufficient to fund a project. Projects that are ranked high on the ranking (established by an independent committee of experts) have priority with respect to such supplementary funding.

* The exact size of this fund is not known at this moment. It will consist of at least 40% of the “cofund” awarded to the ERA-Net by the European Committee (EC). The size of the EC cofund is 33% of the cost of the projects that can be funded based on the ranking and the available national funding.

Source: NWO