Expected pressure due to several deadlines on 28 August

17 August 2018

The deadlines for five funding instruments coincide on 28 August 2018. Dealing with such a large influx of submissions places considerable demands on both our employees and our systems. We therefore ask researchers to create an ISAAC account and submit their application in good time to ensure that we can support them as well as possible.

The deadline for the following instruments is on 28 August at 14:00 CET:

  • Comenius Teaching Fellows (deadline for statement of intention)
  • Integrator. Logistics as a facilitator for strengthening society (deadline for submitting proposals)
  • Talent Scheme Veni SSH and TTW (submission compulsory pre-application)
  • Physics Vrije programma's (submission full applications)
  • Talent Scheme Vici (submission full applications)

If you are working on an application for one of these instruments, then please make an account in our application system ISAAC now and do not wait until just before the deadline to submit your application!

More about these funding instruments

Source: NWO