NWO Physics Round Table to establish five research fields and advisory committees

18 July 2018

Having consulted with relevant parties in the field of physics, the NWO Physics Round Table has reorganised the advisory structure for this discipline: five research fields and corresponding advisory committees will be established.

Over the next two months, the members of the current physics research fields will carefully determine the scope of the new advisory committees. The actual establishment of the new research fields and the definitive determination of their scope will take place on 13 September. In mid-September the field will be informed about the new advisory structure and how the research fields will work, as well as how the different advisory committees will be filled. The new research fields will be member-based, as is the case with the chemistry research fields. A call for applications for membership will likewise be opened in mid-September.

For more information please contact Sandra de Keijzer, s.dekeijzer@nwo.nl.

Source: NWO