Association for informal care offers family tool MyFutures

18 July 2018

The national association for informal care Mezzo has started offering one of the results of the MyFutures research project: the Family Talk Package. This project received funding from the Creative Industries - Research Through Design 2015 Cooperation Programme of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES). The talk package was developed by researchers from Delft University of Technology, the Design Academy Eindhoven and design agency Muzus, healthcare organisations and municipalities. "A conversation about the future always feels too early until it is too late."

my futures

MyFutures is a research project which focuses on one main question: how can we help people prepare for their future 'old age'? The government asks citizens and authorities to organise for this phase themselves. They, however, find that difficult. In addition, people now have many more 'old days' than people in the past. Froukje Sleeswijk Visser led the project in which designers created solutions for thinking about and preparing for your own future or that of your loved ones through a 'research through design approach'. They discovered that many people were already thinking about their old age, but did not talk about it much.

The project is financed by NWO Domain AES and co-funding by various partners. Designers from Delft University of Technology and Design Academy Eindhoven worked together with design agencies (Department of Extraordinary Affairs, KoDieZijn, Muzus and STBY), care organizations (Vivent and ZuidZorg), insurers (Achmea and CZ), municipalities (Rotterdam and Eindhoven) and the Association of Dutch Municipalities.

Source: NWO