Pre-proposals Veni Scheme Social Sciences and Humanities, Applied and Engineering Sciences open for application

18 June 2018

The NWO Domains Social Sciences and Humanities and Applied and Engineering Sciences have set the pre-proposal phase in the next Veni funding round open for application. All candidates within the social sciences, humanities, applied and engineering sciences should submit a pre-proposal by 28 August 2018. The proposal will consist of a CV and a concise research idea. The compulsary Veni pre-proposal is part of an NWO pilot.

The deadline for full Veni proposals will – just as for the NWO domain Science – subsequently be in January 2019. The call for proposals and the application form for the Veni round can be found on the NWO website.

The pre-proposal pilot in the Veni Scheme is one of the outcomes of the NWO plans to reduce the application pressure. This pre-proposal that consists of a CV and concise research idea offers more room for the exceptional qualities of the individual researcher.

NWO will carefully monitor the pre-proposal pilot and based on the outcomes of this it will take a decision about how future funding rounds will be realised.

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Source: NWO