Grants NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences June 2018

28 June 2018

This month, the board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted six projects within the Open Technology Programme. Next to that, four projects can start within the AES and Holland Innovative Potato Partnership programme. AES also granted 38 Take-off proposals from starting entrepreneurs, and 8 Demonstration applicants for the development of a demonstration model.

The granted projects are listed below by programme and in alphabetical order.


Brainsense; Autonomous EEG headset for Brain Controlled Applications
Main applicant: Prof. dr. H. Corporaal, Eindhoven University of Technology

Commercial development of an engineering polymer; plastic diamond
Main applicant: Prof. dr. S. Rastogi, Maastricht University

Enabling commercial production of transcyclooctenes
Main applicant: Prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes, Radboud University

Fatigue resistant Wrapped FRP joints of structural hollow sections
Main applicant: Dr. M. Pavlovic, Delft University of Technology

MRI-Stat – MRI in the fast lane
Main applicant: Dr. A. Sbrizzi, Utrecht University

Scaling up Eventpad: Rapid & Costeffective Cyber Security Monitoring
Main applicant: prof. dr. ir. J. van Wijk, Eindhoven University of Technology

Second lift: a new tool to obtain valuable forensic information
Main applicant: Prof. dr. M.C.G. Aalders, University of Amsterdam

Steerable needle for percutaneous interventions
Main applicant: Dr. J.J. van den Dobbelsteen, Delft University of Technology

Open Technology Programme

CoastScan - Coastal variability and resilience assessment by permanent laser Scanning and modeling
Main applicant: Dr. R.C. Lindenbergh, Delft University of Technology

Development of instructive composite biomaterials for craniomaxillofacial skeletal Regeneration
Main applicant: Prof. dr. P. Habibovic, Maastricht University

Forensic tracing of tropical timber: delivering an operational service
Main applicant: Prof. dr. P.A. Zuidema, Wageningen University & Research

High spatial resolution diffusion-weighted MRI for application in brain infarction and traumatic brain injury
Main applicant: Prof. dr. D.G. Norris, Radboud University

Making plasma-assisted combustion efficient
Main applicant: Dr. ir. S. Nijdam, Eindhoven University of Technology

SmartResidue: Evaluating Compost and bio-based residues as methane mitigation strategy creating climate smart agricultural soils
Main applicant: Dr. P.L.E. Bodelier, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)

Partnership NWO-domein TTW-Holland Innovative Potato (HIP)

Getting to the roots of stress resilience of potato plants
Main applicant: Prof. dr. C.S. Testerink, Wageningen University & Research

Markers and models for yield in potato
Main applicant: Dr. C.W.B. Bachem, Wageningen University & Research

The chemical communication between potato and cyst nematodes as a basis for sustainable improvement of potato yield
Main applicant: Prof. dr. H.J. Bouwmeester, University of Amsterdam

Yield gap analysis for sustainable potato production
Main applicant: Dr. P. Reidsma, Wageningen University & Research


Take-off TO2 phase 1 feasibility study (Round 2)

Behavioural Insights Nederland
Main applicant: Dr. E.M.F. van den Broek, Behavioural Insights Nederland Foundation

Marqid: Energy-Efficient Beverage Coolers
Main applicant: R. de Vries MSc, Marqid BV

Main applicant: J. Boers, RetinaScope BV

Towards a service for social media based flood observations
Main applicant: J.B. Wagemaker, Floodtags

Take-off academic institutions phase 1 feasibiliy study (Round 8)


Accurate and fast face recognition technology for uncontrolled situations
Main applicant: Dr. ir. L.J. Spreeuwers, University of Twente

Focal Plane Array Antenna Technology for EBand Backhaul Wireless Communications (FOCALPOINT)
Main applicant: A.B. Smolders, Eindhoven University of Technology

Force compensated laparoscopic instrument; Soft touch balanced instruments for safe laparoscopic surgery
Main applicant: Dr. ir. ing. T. Horeman, Delft University of Technology

Main applicant: Dr. E.L. von Hauff, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Groundwater mapping using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Main applicant: A. Bossche, Delft University of Technology

Holografische emitter
Main applicant: M. Fransen, Nikhef

Mesh Lingerie Technologies: Project Muse
Main applicant: J.F.M.Molenbroek, Delft University of Technology

Ontwikkeling van Riblet Microstructuren voor Optimale Weerstandsreductie
Main applicant: Dr. ir. W.P. Breugem, Delft University of Technology

Reclon Elastomers B.V. Recycling car tires into new rubber products
Main applicant: Prof. dr. F. Picchioni, University of Groningen

Ultra-fast analysis of food by SAWN-MS
Main applicant: Prof. dr. G.L. Corthals, University of Amsterdam

Vegetable steak - Innovation through shear cell technology
Main applicant: B. Dekkers MSc, Wageningen University & Research

Main applicant: Prof. dr. E.J.M. Hensen, Eindhoven University of Technology

VTOL Rigid Wing for Airborne Wing Energy
Main applicant: Dr. ing. R. Schmehl, Delft University of Technology

Water from air without energy
Main applicant: Dr. A.C. Esteves, Eindhoven University of Technology

Main applicant: Prof. dr. ir. J.L. Herder, Delft University of Technology

Life Sciences

Betaalbare RNA diagnostiek ter voorspelling van prognose van kankerpatiënten
Main applicant: Dr. W.P.J. Leenders, Radboud University

BiomACS: Biomaterial Advanced Cell Screening
Main applicant: Dr. P. van Rijn, University of Groningen

Cyclomics: ultra-sensitive mutation detection in liquid biopsies
Main applicant: Dr. ir. J. de Ridder, Utrecht University

VQuest: Toetsen en leren met volumetrische radiologische beelden
Main applicant: Dr. ir. K.L. Vincken, University Medical Center Utrecht


A neurotech solution for sleep and memory improvement
Main applicant: Dr. L.M. Talamini, University of Amsterdam

Attention Architects: Eye-trackingonderzoek in de buitenwereld en Mixed Reality
Main applicant: Prof. dr. J.L. Theeuwes, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

‘Strike-f(x)’ A boxing bag that provides realtime feedback on impact force, location and orientation of strikes
Main applicant: Dr. D.R. Orth, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Sustainable Tourism Through Sustainable Business
Main applicant: Dr. P.G. Meirmans, University of Amsterdam

The Lead Time Optimizer (LTO)
Main applicant: Dr. M. Tarakci, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Zelfi: autodidactisch leren leren en reflecteren op de middelbare school
Main applicant: Dr. S. de Wit, University of Amsterdam

Take-off phase 2 early phase trajectory (Round 8)


Geautomatiseerde optische ontwerp methodiek
Main applicant: Ir. P. van Grol, Valley Optics B.V.

Manometric: Automated workflow from 3D scan to customized 3D printed orthotics
Main applicant: R.R. Jones, Manomatric B.V.

STIL: wearable tremor suppression
Main applicant: IJ.P. de Lange, STIL B.V.

Strong bio-based Plantics-GX contruction panels
Main applicant: W.J.W. Bakker, Plantics B.V.

uCrowds: a cloud-based software solution for simulating crowds
Main applicant: Ir. P. van Grol, uCrowds BV

Virtual Chemist
Main applicant: Mr. Y.D. van Engelshoven BSc, Polytential BV

Life Sciences

Orthros TR BV
Main applicant: C.T. Verrips, Orthros TR B.V.

PACT, a new diagnostic tool to assess platelet function in the bleeding patient
Main applicant: Drs. J.A. Korporaal, U-PACT B.V.

VitroJet Pin-Printing (VPP)
Main applicant: B.J.M. Bormans, CryoSol-World B.V.

Source: NWO