Funding for 19 new PhDs in the humanities

18 June 2018

Research ranging from 19th century Dutch prisons and philosopher Rose Rand and the Vienna Circle, to the ‘failed’ War on Poverty (1964-1985): 19 talented emerging researchers will spend the next few years carrying out research, thanks to funding from the PhDs in Humanities programme. The programme is funded by the Humanities Temporary Task Force and NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities. A total of 3.2 million euros was awarded in this funding round.

The PhD projects were selected from the universities involved in the process Sustainable Humanities. The aim of the PhDs in the Humanities Programme is to give a boost to the supply and promotion of young talent in the humanities.

The institution that submitted the application provides a matching contribution of 20% for each project that is awarded funding. The decision-making body, consisting of Professor Frits van Oostrom (chair Humanities Temporary Task Force) and Professor Wim van den Doel (chair NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities), selected the following projects based on recommendations by the selection committee.

Projects are presented alphabetically according to the names of the applicants, the project title is provisional.

What’s in a pot? 5000-year-old interactions between migrants and indigenous groups fossilised in ceramics
Applicant: Prof. dr. D.R. Fontijn, UL
Candidate: E.J. Kroon

The power of the prisoner. Emotions, gender and agency in nineteenth-century Dutch prisons
Applicant: : Prof. dr. G. Blok, OU
Kandidate: I.F. van der Zande

Religion as Ecological Resource in the Anthropocene: The Imago Dei in a Time of Mass Extinction
Applicant: Prof. dr. G. van den Brink, VU
Kandidate: E. van Urk

The Emblematic Worldview and the Production of Global Visual Knowledge: The Low Countries and Mughal India, 1550-1700
Applicant: Prof. dr. J.J.L. Gommans, UL
Kandidate: N. Sinha

Re-weaving the tapestry of history: Rose Rand and the Vienna Circle
Applicant: Prof. dr. M.M.S.K. Sie, TU
Kandidate: K.M. Mihaljević

Human-animal entanglements on the eve of Columbus’ landfall: a study of indigenous animal husbandry practices in the island of Hispaniola
Applicant: Prof. Dr. C.L. Hofman, UL
Kandidate: T. Shev

Everlasting Flowers Between the Pages: Botanical Watercolors in the Seventeenth-Century Low Countries
Applicant: Prof. Dr. S.G.M. Dupré, UU
Kandidate: J.W.H. Chen

Deconstructing the War on Poverty: the rise of a policy failure narrative, 1964-1985
Applicant: Prof. dr. C.A. Davids, VU
Kandidate: H. Blommers

Two languages in one mind – investigating language interference and its underlying processes
Applicant: Prof. Dr. A.M. Backus, TU
Kandidate: M. Barking

Crafting Nature, Cultivating Gender: Gender en stedelijk groen in Amsterdam en Berlin tijdens de lange 18e eeuw
Applicant: Dr. D.W.A.G. van den Heuvel, UvA
Kandidate: A.R.F. Weiss

The ‘First Ladies’ of the Dutch Republic: The Political Agency of the Stadtholders’ Wives in the Seventeenth Century
Applicant: Dr. W.P. van Meurs, RUN
Kandidate: L.H.B. Nissen

Power and prophecy in the Ancient Near East
Applicant: Prof. dr. R.B. ter Haar Romeny, VU
Kandidate: C. Meijer

Foundations of Human Mechanistic Reasoning: The structure of asking ‘How?’
Applicant: Prof. dr. S. Smets, UvA
Kandidate: D. McHugh

Site Sound: visualizing the acoustic underpinnings of Mount Lykaion’s ancient sanctuary to Zeus
Applicant: Prof. dr. V.V. Stissi, UvA
Kandidate: P. Jordan

New Media and Citizen Microscopists in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America
Applicant: Prof. C. Mody, UM
Kandidate: L. Beiermann
Tombs, memory, reputation: Artists’ memorials in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Rome
Applicant: Prof. dr. B.A.M. Ramakers
Kandidate: C.J. van ter Toolen

Visualizing the brain: A philosophical analysis of imaging techniques as tools for understanding the brain
Applicant: Prof. dr. H.W. de Regt, VU
Kandidate: H.A. Holland

Travelling War Memories: National and Global Dynamics of Japanese WWII Sites since 1945
Applicant: Prof. dr. W.J.H. Furnée, RU
Kandidate: A. Mochida

Pigs, People and Politics in the Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age Aegean
Applicant: Prof. dr. D.C.M. Raemaekers, RUG
Kandidate: F.G. Slim

Source: NWO