European programme GeoERA for geological services has started

3 July 2018

The research programme GeoERA wants to encourage collaboration between European geological services and connect national geological research agendas. The new projects will start during a meeting in Brussels; there are 15 projects and Dutch researchers from TNO and Deltares are involved in 11 of these. NWO realised the application procedure for GeoERA.

During a meeting in the Bluepoint Centre in Brussels that will be held from 3 to 5 July 2018, the 15 European geological projects will officially start. The project leaders will be present, amongst other things, for the harmonisation of the work packages and to discuss the synergy between the different projects.

The research themes from GeoERA are geo-energy, groundwater, raw materials and an overarching theme “information platform” about the integration of data from the other three themes. Consortia of various geological services from several countries will work together within a project.

Dutch researchers are responsible for leading two of these projects. Serge van Gessel is the principal investigator of the HIKE project, which falls within the theme geo-energy. HIKE considers the impact of risks due to the exploitation of subterranean raw materials. Hans Peter Broers is leading the RESOURces project within the theme groundwater. The project wants to harmonise data about European groundwater from different countries so that an overview can be developed for policy and evaluation purposes.



GeoERA wants to facilitate the sustainable use of subterranean resources. Information and knowledge about the geological subsurface will be shared and integrated by GeoERA in an information platform that European policymakers can support with independent transnational data and information. In 2017, 48 European geological services, working both nationally and regionally, decided that they would jointly contribute 20 million euros to a funding programme. The European Commission added a further 10 million euros to this via Horizon 2020. The call closed in January 2018 and 17 proposals were submitted. Following the advice of a selection committee, the General Assembly of GeoERA approved the awarding of funding to 15 full proposals in March 2018. The projects must be completed by the end of 2021..

Source: NWO