Building Blocks of Life links routes during NWA Matchmaking

20 June 2018

Together with seven overlapping thematic routes, the Building Blocks of Life programme council organized a NWA matchmaking event on 12 June 2018. Over 150 participants pitched their ideas and networked to form consortia able to submit a response to the National Science Agenda (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda) call published by NWO. Building Blocks of Life worked jointly with the following routes: Origins of life, Regenerative medicine, Measuring and detecting, NeurolabNL, Personalized medicine, Sustainable production of safe and healthy food, and Health care research.

The programme comprised a plenary session with information on the call followed by substantive pitches from the various routes. Breakout sessions gave opportunities for smaller groups to discuss specific issues arising from the National Science Agenda and to exchange personal knowledge and ideas. The inspirational scientist Jan Hoeijmakers chaired the proceedings.

Source: NWO