Three finalists in the Topsector Chemistry Student Competition 2018

23 May 2018

Three student teams were selected to carry out their project with a paid internship during this summer on the basis of their research proposal. The winner will be selected from these three teams in October. The winning team in the Student Competition will be announced during CHAINS 2018.

NWO, together with the Top Sector Chemistry, organizes for the fifth time the Topsector Chemistry Student Competition. With this competition, the Topsector Chemistry and NWO want to offer an early career launch for students.

Teams from Master students and / or final-year HBO Bachelor students were given the opportunity this spring to submit proposals for a short research internship in the Topsector Chemistry Student Competition. These proposals were based on a creative solution for a social or industrial challenge.

The three selected teams are:

Team Beads vs Beats
Metafoams: a new and effective material for sound isolation
Teamleden: Roel Borgers (TU/e), Sophie van Lange (WUR)
Supervisors: Dr. Ir. Albert Poortinga (TU/e), Dr. Ir. Maarten Smulders (WUR), Dr. Ir. Tom Engels (DSM)

In this project a new material will be developed for better and more efficient isolation of low-frequency sound: a metafoam. This novel material consists of a foamed polymer in which the pores contain heavy beads that can resonate inside the pores leading to destructive interference with the incoming sound waves.

Team The Cavity Catalysts
Light-matter coupling as a catalyst for active reaction control
Teamleden: Hannah Jonas (UvA), Juan Diego Arias Espinoza (UvA), Adriaan Schiphorst (UvA)
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Wybren Jan Buma (UvA), Prof. Dr. Huib Bakker (AMOLF), Dr. Robert J.C. Spreeuw (UvA)

Tailored light-matter coupling will be used to actively control and steer molecular properties. We will demonstrate the potential of this unique combination of high-end concepts from physics and chemistry by application to prime examples in the fields of industrial reaction processes and molecular nanotechnology.

Team Good Gut
Microencapsulation for Improved Gut Microbiome
Teamleden: Jip van der Linden (WUR), Mark van Leeuwen (WUR), Severin te Lindert (WUR)
Supervisors: Prof. dr. ir Karin Schro├źn (WUR), Dr. Clara Belzer (WUR)

We aim to develop a delivery system for anaerobic gut bacteria, consisting of oxygen-controlled capsules that also protect against extreme stomach conditions, while releasing their content in the gut. In this way we contribute to non-invasive treatment of the gut microbiome, as an alternative for fecal transplants.


Source: NWO