Call for proposals – Flagships Creative Industry – towards data-driven creativity

29 May 2018

For the Creative Industry, NWO is opening a sandpit call to develop an exemplary project for the sector. This first Flagship project will be realised in collaboration with Talpa. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science are supporting this call through a contribution that has been made available to the Top Sector Creative Industry. This media research call concerns the development of new data-driven propositions and strategies in order to offer relevant content to the consumer.

The Dutch media landscape has undergone drastic changes over the past few decades. There has been an increase in the number of networks, the variety of content, and the number and diversity of platforms. In the current landscape, the unpredictable and increasingly fragmented public poses major challenges for all parties involved. Producers are no longer certain about the purchase of their content; advertisers no longer know how to reach the right target groups. In addition to this, the playing field for the media has fundamentally changed, as it has also acquired an international dimension in which all parties can move more or less freely. Internet is not limited by borders and viewers make no distinction between national and international platforms.

Knowledge is now needed about the behaviour and composition of the public and how the consumer has access to and makes use of the conglomerate of platforms and channels so that diversely targeted content based on immediate supply, and the new business models linked to this, can be developed. With this, due consideration needs to be given to the autonomy and privacy of users. Ultimately, this is what keeps the media company afloat.

This call seeks to develop a research proposal that will realise the analysis, interpretation and visual representation of the data from Talpa. The aim of this is to make the data as accessible as possible so that various types of users can design evidence-based strategies for the development of new content and distribution models.

The available budget of 445,000 euros is intended for the funding of a single research proposal that will be developed in accordance with the sandpit method. Partners from various backgrounds will work closely together in iterative workshops to develop creative and innovative project ideas.

The deadline for the submission of CVs and motivations is 23 August 2018. The deadline for the submission of the project proposal is 30 October 2018.

Researchers are requested to express their interest for participating in the call by submitting a CV that is no more than 1 A4 in length as well as a motivation. The CV and motivation will be used to select a maximum of 12 researchers for participation in the sandpit. A standard form is available for the motivation, which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page of the Flagships website.

Source: NWO