NWO broadens extension rule of Talent Scheme to include all parents

26 April 2018

There is a time limit attached to the Talent Scheme (TS), an NWO funding programme for researchers, which specifies until when researchers can submit a proposal after obtaining their PhD. Until now, the submission deadline had already been extended by 18 months per child for biological mothers. Now the other parent will also receive an extension of 6 months per child.

More balanced distribution of parental tasks

NWO regularly deals with researchers who put a great deal of time into the care of their children, yet as a second parent, which is to say the non-biological mother, they are not compensated for it. Until now, they have only been granted the formally registered parental leave that they took. By adjusting the extension rule, NWO is conforming to prevailing social views on how to distribute parenting tasks. NWO hopes that this will also encourage a better division of work and care tasks between parents, in order to ease the burden that caring for a child puts on the career of the biological mother.

Overall extension of 5 years

The Talent Scheme has three funding instruments – the Veni, Vidi and Vici – tailored to various phases in researchers’ academic careers. Researchers have to submit their proposals within 3, 8 or 15 years, respectively, after obtaining their PhD. The extension of eighteen months per child remains unchanged for biological mothers. Extensions for parents will only by granted if the children are part of their own household. The maximum overall extension per parent is five years.

The adjusted extension rule will commence with immediate effect.

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Source: NWO