ENW PPS Fund open

23 April 2018

The ENW PPS Fund is open for public-private partnership within the topsectors Chemistry, Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials and ICT.

Today, NWO Domain Science is opening a new Science-wide PPP fund for bottom-up public-private research within the NWO Domain Science. The ENW PPS Fund offers opportunities for cooperation between companies (or corporations), SMEs, knowledge institutes (including institutes of higher professional education), and consortia of companies and knowledge institutes within the topsectors Chemistry (including BBE), Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials and ICT. Proposals must match the knowledge and innovation agendas of one or more of the top sectors involved. The publication of this call means current PPP programmes – the Innovation Fund Chemistry of the former NWO Chemical Sciences and the Industrial Partnership Programme (IPP) of the former Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) – will, in effect, still be available this year.

Infographic: which forms of funding are available per top sector?Image: Infographic: which forms of funding are available per top sector?

The ENW PPS Fund encourages companies and knowledge institutes to jointly develop innovations and/or knowledge. To this end, the Fund finances projects that feature fundamental research. It has earmarked about 8.5 million euros for this purpose in 2018. Proposals can be submitted until 3 July 2018. The decision-making process is scheduled for early December 2018.

The fund will close on 3 July to make way for a new Science-wide PPP programme (which will be in line with NWO’s harmonized funding instruments) later this year. Further details on this topic will follow later.

Further details about the Science PPP fund can be found at www.nwo.nl/enwppsfonds.

Source: NWO