Apply for call Regional Energy Systems (ERA-Net RegSys)

1 June 2018

The NWO Domain Science, the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities, and the TKI Urban Energy fund Dutch participation in the call of ERA-Net RegSys and is a follow-up to earlier calls from ERA-Net Smart Grids.

Researchers of Dutch research institutes (universities, TO2-institutes and HBO’s) can submit proposals together with research institutes of at least one other participating country/region on the subject of regional energy systems. Between M€ 1,5 and M€ 2 is reserved for Dutch research.

Relevant scientific disciplines

The call is relevant for researchers in both technical disciplines (mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering) and social science disciplines.


  • 23 May 2018: call open
  • 11 September 2018: deadline proposal outline (obligatory)
  • 2 November 2018: deadline proposal

Who can apply

Researchers of universities, NWO-accredited research institutes, HBO’s, and TO2-institutes (such as TNO and ECN) can apply for and receive funding. Companies are invited to participate in proposals, but cannot receive funding.

Multidisciplinary research

Proposals need to be multidisciplinary: research into technical and social innovations must be combined. Without social innovations (e.g. related to participation of energy users, optimal institutional embedding, rules and regulations, business models) the technical innovations cannot succeed in practice.

International requirements

The ERA-Net has stated the following requirements to all submitted proposals:

  • Consortia must consist of at least two participating countries/regions
  • Focus on regional/local energy systems
  • Focus on co-creation of products and services together with stakeholders

For more information, please see this call announcement.

Dutch requirements

For the Dutch partners in consortia the following requirements hold:

  • Contains at least one Dutch university or NWO-accredited research institute such as CWI; TO2-institutes and HBO cannot apply on their own
  • Maximum budget k€ 800, of which min. 90% for personnel costs
  • Fundamental research that bring closer practical application*
  • Maximum funding for 36 months; the 4th year of a PhD student needs to be funded and guaranteed by the applying institutions

All Dutch requirements will be listed and explained in the Appendix of the call.

Please note that each country may set its own requirements to participation of partners from their country. The allowed subjects, who can receive funding, budget can differ from the Dutch requirements.

Find partners

The ERA-Net has made available a website to facilitate finding partners in other countries. It also organises a call launch event where one can meet possible partners.

Contact NWO

Parties who have the intention of submitting a proposal are urgently requested to contact the national contact point at an early stage. Please email dr. Mark van Assem:

Informatie over

* this criterium is formally defined as research between Technology Readiness Levels [] 3-6 (ranging from “basic principles” to “technology demonstrated in relevant environment”). In practice this means that research on the one hand cannot be too close to implementation by market parties, and on the other hand cannot be so fundamental that application is far away. In the event that research is deemed fundamental (TRL 0-2) but still brings application of research results closer, this research can be allowed.

Source: NWO