SRON definitely relocating to South Holland

12 March 2018

The executive board and supervisory board of NWO have taken a final decision about the relocation of SRON Utrecht to Leiden. This decision follows the intended decision that was announced in December. In line with the current plans, SRON Utrecht will relocate to a single new building at the Bio Science Park of Leiden University, next to the current Huygens laboratory.

At this location, the close scientific and technical collaboration with Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and other partners is safeguarded.

More opportunities space research

The NWO executive board and the directors of SRON are delighted that, after several years of uncertainty, there is now clarity about the future of SRON. The possibilities for collaboration in South Holland, with both the universities and the industrial partners present there, provide many opportunities for excellent research in the field of space research. Furthermore, strong outlines have been sketched for the scientific and technological collaboration with the partners in South Holland, especially with Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. Finally, this decision also has the support of the SRON works council and the central works council of NWO that both issued a positive advice about the relocation to Leiden.

Tendering process

The total cost of developing and realizing the new building (the construction costs, but also project management, design, and installations) is almost 60 million euros. The tendering process for the new SRON building has already started. At the end of February, the tendering was started for the external project manager for the entire process. At the start of March, two other tenders will follow: the architect (design of the building) and the building services engineering (necessary for such facilities as the clean rooms and stable air circulation). The fourth tender - for the actual building - will take place when the final design has been approved.

Next step: collaboration agreement

After the intended decision of December 2017, SRON, NWO, Delft University of Technology, and Leiden University signed a Statement of Intent. At the end of May 2018, this will be converted into a collaboration agreement with provisions about the relocation process as well as the scientific and technological collaboration.

Source: NWO