NWO investing in research infrastructure

7 March 2018

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded one project in the field of Social and Behavioural Sciences under the programme Investment Grant NWO Medium. Many researchers depend on large devices for their work. Through Investment Grants NWO Medium, NWO funds facilities that are often too expensive for individual groups.

The proposals were assessed by scientists both in the Netherlands and abroad. One proposal was eventually awarded by the Board of NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities.

With Investment Grants NWO Medium, NWO aims to stimulate and support investment in research infrastructure. NWO contributes up to 75 percent of the costs of an investment. The institution at which the research is carried out contributes a minimum of 25 percent. The NWO contributions range from 110,000 euros to 1.5 million euros.

Identical to the last round, Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) was only accepting applications for equipment, not for data collections as in the years before.

The project awarded:

The Mobile Lab: laboratory research moves into the field
Dr. B. N. (Bert) Bakker, m, 27-09-1985, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Communication Research

Social scientists are increasingly using the lab to conduct research. However, it is hard and costly to get people to come to the lab. The Mobile Lab allows researchers to conduct laboratory studies at any given location in the Netherlands.

Budget to be awarded: € 112,600.

Source: NWO


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Social Sciences and Humanities


Investment Grant NWO Medium


Large research facilities (2015-2018)