NWO executive board appoints advisory council

16 March 2018

The NWO executive board has appointed an advisory council consisting of ten members for a period of four years. This new body can provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the executive board about developments in science and society that are relevant to NWO.

The appointment of an advisory council is a result of the transition to a new NWO and is one of the requirements stated in the governance regulations.


The advisory council will provide the executive board with solicited and unsolicited advice about developments in science and society that are relevant to NWO. The advisory council can also be consulted about the realisation of the institutional plan and, on behalf of the executive board, it will annually organise a broad thematic discussion or strategy meeting to which third parties will be invited. The advisory council will not issue advice about the specific activities of individual domains or about tasks that fall under the responsibility of the supervisory council.


The advisory council consists of at most ten people and gathers at least twice per year. The members are not invited to sit in the advisory council as a representative of their organisation but based on their personal expertise and experience. The executive board appoints the members for a period of four years.

Government ministries are not represented in the advisory council, as they have a direct influence on NWO via the appointment of the executive board and supervisory council members and through the client-contractor relationships.


In consultation with the supervisory board, the executive board has appointed the following members:

  1. Tim de Zeeuw, Professor of Theoretical Astronomy at Leiden University
  2. Corien Prins, Professor of Law and Information Technology at Tilburg University, chair of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy
  3. Gerard van der Steenhoven, director-general Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
  4. Marcel Wubbolts, CTO Corbion
  5. Pim van der Feltz, CEO Google Nederland
  6. Kim Putters, director Netherlands Institute for Social Research
  7. Farah Karimi, director OxfamNovib
  8. Els van der Plas, director Dutch National Opera and Ballet
  9. Wim van der Donk, King's Commissioner North Brabant
  10. Aart-Jan de Geus, Chief Executive Officer of the Bertelsmann Foundation


The advisory council will hold its first meeting on 28 March 2018. The agenda includes questions concerning the implementation of the new NWO strategy 2019-2022 and the Dutch National Research Agenda, and the possible involvement of various societal partners in particular.

Source: NWO